Patriot Donation Management System

Online Volunteer Management
Everyone loves volunteers. They are selfless individuals who dedicate their time, spirit and energy to your cause. However, collecting the information in an accurate manner, organizing their efforts, and making sure they remain interested is a full-time job. We feel that Patriot makes a difference in this effort by taking the same powerful system we use to track contributors and applying it to our volunteer module.

Online Registration & Sign-Up Form

Patriot will generate a Volunteer registration form that you can easily add to your existing Website. It contains a list of the areas where you would like assistance (e.g. phone calling, literature dropping, etc.). Registrants can then select from that list when they complete the registration form, so you already know how they would like to assist you. To add an extra level of control, you can accept or decline each volunteer's application. This gives you full control over the selection process. Of course, our system handles all of the email communication for you throughout the entire process by letting the registrant know when they have been approved or declined.

Let Those Volunteers Blog!

Each approved volunteer (or any another other Patriot user) can create their own blog as well as comment on the blogs of other users. This free feature really comes to life when your volunteers step forward and help to organize and motivate each other with their plans and ideas. Watch as your volunteer community takes on a new life and begins to spawn ideas and fresh thinking while simultaneously improving communication. You can also let people outside of Patriot read specific blogs by publishing the RSS feed on your Website. This is optional, but can be a huge benefit if you have the right kind of person creating in-demand articles on a consistent basis.

Simplified Volunteer Coordination

Volunteers are managed by a "volunteer coordinator" who has all of the tools required to track and maintain these helpful individuals. They can accept the incoming applications, as well as refuse those that are undesirable. Moreover, to help with organizing their efforts, the event manager can create tasks that volunteers can claim as their own. Note that the volunteer coordinator and the event manager can assign tasks to specific individuals. By using the task management system built into Patriot, you can keep your volunteers on task and well organized.

Donation Tracking

If you choose, you can let each volunteer have their own donation form that they can email to friends or post on their Website, and communicate to potential donors. To make  Each donation received via this form will be directly attributed to the volunteer and their efforts. We also publish a leaderboard so the volunteers can see where they rank with their peers and their fundraising efforts. You can take this idea to the next level and reward them for the amount of funds they drive to the organization.

For example, you could give volunteers a free t-shirt if they bring in $1,000 or more. Perhaps let them participate with the weekly leadership meetings if they bring in over $10,000. You might even let the volunteer meet the candidate or take a place of honor if they can raise $100,000. We do the tracking, and you choose how you would like to reward the behavior. What could be better? Well, how about that this capability is free with any Patriot subscription! Your competition doesn't stand a chance with this feature in play.