Patriot Donation Management System

Political Parties & Action Committees

Believe it or not, Patriot was originally designed to solve the problems of a local county party here in Wisconsin.

That original county party faced several challenged that seem to be quite common, such as:

  • Management and tracking of membership dues
  • Creation and maintenance of a membership directory
  • Having a system that was not tied to a local file that only one person can edit
  • Accepting credit cards for membership dues as well as general donations
  • Tracking campaign contribution conduit accounts and pools

It has since grown into what you see today: A lean and powerful system for organizations of both political and nonprofits alike and now boasts over 5,000 users. If you would like to read a success story, check out this nice testimonial on our case studies page from one of the many county parties that now utilize our system.

Tools for County and State Political Parties

  • Membership management and online payment of dues
    Accept all major credit cards (including American Express and Discover), and allow people to pay their dues online as well as make general donations.
  • Lifetime donation and gift tracking
    No need to remember who donated in the past, as the system will contain a lifetime of history for each of your organization donors. No files to copy around and no spreadsheets to update.
  • Event management and attendance tracking
    Allow people to sign up for events online, and keep tabs on all attendees. You can create different levels of fees and even members-only options.
  • Auction item management and winning bid tracking
    Keep track of who donated each item and display them in a page you can attach to your Website. You can also accept payment at the auction event directly into Patriot if an internet connection is available at the venue.
  • Volunteer sign-up and task assignment
    Let volunteers sign up for tasks that you create. This is a great tool to help you organize those that have a desire to participate.
  • Full featured survey system
    Post surveys on your Website, or even send them via email. Poll your activists and keep everyone informed.
  • Expense tracking to ease reporting requirements
    Track vendors and the expenses related to running your county party or PAC. Many state reports can be generated automatically from this data as well.
  • Export anything to Excel
    Just about everything is exportable from Patriot. This capability can also be protected so you know your data is safe from those who don't need to access it.
  • Handles multiple bank accounts for donations, conduits, etc.
    An infinite number of bank account and donation categories can be assembled in our system. See more information on our new campaign contribution conduit tracking module.

Our system also creates pages you can add to your existing Website:

  • Donation Pages
  • Volunteer Pages
  • Customized Surveys
  • Auction Item List
  • Membership Directory
  • Membership Sign-up
  • Email List Sign-up

Because of its roots, Patriot excels at most of the functions carried out on a daily basis inside of political parties. At the city, county, and state level, Patriot was built to meet your needs. Here in Wisconsin is it used by most of the major counties as well as the state party itself.

Political Actions Committees

Political action committees also find that Patriot is an easy system to setup and use for their short but dramatic existence. Some PACs have been using Patriot for over a year and have added many feature suggestions that have since been implemented. If you think of something that we should add to our donation management system, please don't hesitate to ask!