Patriot Donation Management System

Survey and feedback module that you can add to your website
If you want to get the maximum benefit from your efforts, you need to get feedback so you can perfect your methods and message. Surveys are the obvious way to do this, but they are normally expensive to develop and send to those you wish to reach. However, we have developed a powerful survey tool that is not only easy to use, it is free as part of your Patriot subscription!

There are several ways to use the surveys:

  • Attach them to your Website with a link
  • Send them out in emails to people on your lists
  • Have Patriot send them to those who attended an event

Here are a few features in our survey tool:

  • You can easily design the survey using our intuitive interface
  • Create an unlimited number of questions per survey
  • Use a variety of question types like multiple answer, essay, etc.
  • Surveys can be automatically sent via email to event attendees
  • Patriot knows the completion rate vs the total event attendance
  • Surveys can also exist without an event (stand-alone survey)
  • Candid comments are collected as well (qualitative data)
  • There is no cost to activate and utilize this module

Survey Preview
This is an example survey

Survey Settings and Preferences
Change the survey settings