Patriot Donation Management System

Nonprofit Management Made Easy

The Patriot system provides an exceptional package of tools to assist nonprofits with soliciting donations, managing events, and attracting volunteers.

The Internet contains a flood of potential donors

online fundraisingCreating an e-philanthropy Website enables nonprofits to increase the breadth of fundraising options and encourages frequent giving. The easier it is for donors to make a contribution the more successful you will be in securing their financial gift. Patriot’s donation system provides the ease of use and security that donors are looking for when making an online gift to their favorite charity.

  • Ease of use
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Works with your existing website
  • Lifetime gift tracking
  • Extremely cost effective (around $1 a day)

Nonprofit’s rely on the art of cultivation.

Done well, cultivation sets the stage for easy and successful events. Careful planning and strategic follow up are required to have a good cultivation plan. Patriot’s event planning system provides the automation capabilities to ensure success before and after each event. Communication post-event is offered in the form of a survey or email newsletter so you can solicit feedback to make the next event even better.

Volunteers play a vital role in all Nonprofits

online volunteer managementAttracting new volunteers and retaining existing ones is always a priority. Patriot’s volunteer system empowers nonprofits to create opportunities relevant to the interests and needs of people looking to give their time and talent. The system makes it easy for volunteers to manage their own availability as they choose what specific tasks they would like to volunteer for themselves. The natural marriage of the events and the volunteers is one of the reasons Patriot is so popular.

Organize your charity auctions

charity auctionThe charity auction is a wonderful tool for raising funds and spreading your message to those who support your cause. We understand that the primary goal of the auctions is to raise money, but also you are also trying to get people to physically attend the event so you can get them excited about your organization and efforts. Patriot does not do online bidding because this would interfere with the secondary goal. So, we do everything else we can to make the auction popular and successful. 

  • Your auction items are placed onto a web page you can link to from your site
  • The auction manifest can be designed to resemble your Website
  • Item description, photo, and estimated value are available instantly on your site
  • All items are tracked for life, including the donor, buyer, value, and sale price
  • Patriot generates a wonderful inventory for you so you can manage items easier
  • You can collect credit-card payments on site and use Patriot to process them
  • Tracks checks, cash, and the in-kind value of the auction donations
  • Export item lists and attendees to Excel at any time

We want people to get excited about the auction's items, but also to pre-plan their bidding strategy toward the items they really want. We find this greatly increases the amount of money raised because people have a plan, and the money to back it up.

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