Patriot Donation Management System

membership tracking & online dues payment system
If your organization has members that pay dues or have a subscription to your services, then Patriot may be the perfect membership tracking package for you. In addition to tracking membership information, our system allows for the creation of members-only events and bulk emails targeted to members. Moreover, Patriot allows for subscriptions as short as one month to as long as you can imagine, so you have flexibility in how your group manages their members. You can also create as many different membership levels as you need per period.

Here are a few of the membership features included in Patriot:

Make Dues Payments Online

We will maintain a detailed record of the payment regardless of the funding method. Overall, this means less paperwork for you and your staff, and extra time to focus on more important things. 

Online Membership Directory

Members will be displayed in a directory that can be viewed by you and, optionally, other members. The directory holds all of the contact information about an individual as well as their birthday, biography, and a photo. Members will see this as an added value, allowing them to read about and see other members that they may not otherwise be able to meet. It also makes things easier on you, since members can update their address and biographical information without you having to do it for them.

Patriot also creates a membership directory that can be used on your existing Website, and it can follow the same look and feel. It always contains the current membership list as well as the information disclosed by those individuals. Moreover, each member can choose to hide certain information from the directory, or even choose to not be listed at all.

Reminders and Expiration

Normally, if you require that people pay annual dues, you'll have to remind them that their membership is about to expire and collect payment. Patriot makes this easy by allowing you to choose how many days before the expiration you would like us to send an automatic reminder email that contains a link that the member can use to renew. You can also send reminders with a single click on the member list. 

Expiration dates are flexible, allowing you to set them one year after the person signs up, each year on the same date for everyone, or disabling expiration dates altogether for those groups that offer lifetime memberships.

For more information on how Patriot's membership system can work for you, please contact us for a demonstration or with any questions you might have.

Membership Fees

online membership managementThe membership module in Patriot is available at no addition charge.
Account setup is free and included with your Patriot subscription.