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Import Files through Patriot

If you have a list of names/contacts (Excel or CSV format) that you wish to add to Patriot, you do not need to go through the painful process of manually entering each person. Instead, you can import the entire list into one of four different categories: Bulk Mail contacts, Members, People or Volunteers.

First you have to convert your Excel file into CSV (Comma Separated Value) format; if your file is already a .csv file, you're in good shape. To convert your file, open your list in Excel, navigate to the toolbar at the top of your screen and click File => Save As. Change the Type (or Format, depending on your version of Excel) to CSV and click Save.

The import process is quite simple once you have converted your file. Follow the hints within our donation management system, and if you have any questions, don't forget to reference our knowledge base by clicking the link at the bottom left side of the screen (when you're logged in to your Patriot account). Or call our support line if you prefer speaking with a human: (800) 517-6670.

Create a Trackable Donation Link

The Patriot donation management system provides a solicitation option that allows you to track contributions through a unique donation form link or code. Setting up a solicitation is simple. Our system will ask you to create a title (code) for your solicitation and identify how you will be collecting contributions (i.e. Email, Direct Mail, Internet, Television, etc.). If you are sending the link in an email or posting it online, all donations made through this link will be tracked back to the solicitation. If you are manually entering contributions made as a result of a direct mailing, for example, you can select the solicitation code when you are entering the monetary information in our donation management system.

The best part about this feature is that you can minimize the number of Income Categories that you use. When you want to create a unique donation link, don't create a new Income Category; create a solicitation! This will still provide you with a unique link, but you will be able to correctly categorize your income instead of spreading your contributions out amongst several categories.
In order to view which donations were made as a result of the solicitation, you simply use our solicitation filter when searching your donation list. You can then export this unique list for your records and get started with your next solicitation. Doesn't that sound like a good time?  

Use our Copywriter!

Don’t forget, we have an internet-savvy copywriter on staff who can help you with your web content, create your Facebook page, stay on top of your social media updates and more. Once your Facebook page is setup, we can add a donate button right to your page and allow contributors to donate from their favorite social media outlet.

Next, they’ll tell their friends to donate, and their friends will tell their friends and so on. Oh, it'll be so wonderful! And we’re going to sweeten the deal by discounting our services. Call us today for more information and we’ll get you Tweeting and updating in no time. (800) 517-6670

If you need help generating and updating the content on your website, just ask. We can take care of every aspect of your campaign with the help of your creative input and direction. 

Website Holding Page

We find that there are many instances in which you might need a temporary website or holding page. Perhaps you've decided to use Ideal Campaign to create a custom website for your campaign but you don't want to wait the 3-4 weeks for your complete site before you start telling people about your campaign. When you use the Patriot online donation management system for all of your financial and organizational needs, the option to utilize a holding page is included in the basic functionality of Patriot. The holding page works as a simple one-page website that allows you to upload your logo at the top along with a welcome message. You can also include a row of buttons that gives people the option to Donate and Volunteer along with the ability to visit your Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you already have a domain name, you can point it to our DNS and your domain can be used for the holding page as long as you'd like. As always, we're here to help you get set up. Don't hesitate to ask us questions.

Patriot Support:
800.517.6670 e: 98

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We will be sending out our first Patriot Newsletter soon! If you're not a current client but would like to receive our newsletter with the latest feature updates and tips on how to better utilize Patriot, sign up here. We have recently made changes to the system based on your feedback and are constantly looking to make Patriot a better tool for your campaign. Please "Like" us on Facebook and feel free to post any feature suggestions or questions that you have about our online donation management system. We look forward to having a conversation.


Modular Features & Functionality

Below you will find some details on many of the modules available in Patriot.  Most of these are included at no additional charge with your monthly subscription. 

track everyones favorite donation management system on facebookWe also just created a new facebook group for customers and fans.  Feel free to join the group and read our updates and even suggest new features.

 Online event management

Event Management

Plan events, collect fees (multiple options) or just RSVPs.

Auction Management

Track items and buyers. Even attach an item list to your existing Website!

 Leesburg free political strategy tool

Leesburg Grid

Great campaign strategy tool to help keep you ahead of the competition.

 Volunteer management

Manage Volunteers

Gather your volunteers, assign them tasks, and track their progress.

Membership Tracking

Membership Tracking

Track members or subscriptions. Also collect dues online.

 Online survey system

Survey System

Do follow-up surveys after an event, or just post on your Website.

What is Patriot?

Patriot is a web-based system designed to support the common needs of non-profit organizations, politicians, and other political organizations. It has everything you need under a single roof.  From easily collecting credit card donations (via your merchant account), organizing events and handling fees, to managing volunteers and membership dues, our solution has so much to offer.

Patriot is extremely web-designer friendly and can be used with any existing Website, regardless of where it is hosted. So there's nothing stopping you from adding our donation page to your Website today!

Our system was created to deliver complete functionality to organizations of any size for around $1 a day. Why shouldn't small organizations, or those with strict budgets to have amazingly powerful management tools? We think everyone deserves the best.

We give you all of the tools you need:

  • Handle the data collection for those difficult FEC reports.
  • Collect and track donations on your existing website
  • Add unlimited custom fields to your donor or contact databases
  • Take fees from all major types of credit cards (see merchant account details below)
  • Track and manage checks, cash, or in-kind donations
  • Plan events, gather RSVPs and collect attendance fees
  • Give volunteers an easy method to sign up
  • Assign volunteers to tasks and automatically send them reminders
  • Plan auctions, record buyers, and show the item list on your Website
  • Track all donors and attendees for future reporting or strategy
  • Easily export everything to Excel for reporting or editing
  • Communicate with powerful bulk email management tools 
  • Track membership or subscriptions and collect dues online
  • Each volunteer gets their own donation form that they can customize
  • Volunteer-referred donations are tracked on a leader-board
  • Program can be set up and implemented in 10 minutes once you have a merchant account.

Our goal is to make this the ultimate online tool for your donation collection and tracking. So, don't hesitate to send your suggestions.

All accounts must have a merchant account from First Data.  All funds are collected from major cards according to that agreement and are directly deposited into your account by them.  We do not have any connection with First Data or responsibility in this agreement, nor do we handle your cash.  This means you get your cash the next day and we don't have any responsibility in your business.  Please note that you must pass their underwriting process, so please have your committee or organization paperwork handy when they ask for it.  This process can take a week or so.